Web Design
Web redesign for the procurement and compliance platform of the future


Certa is an innovative procurement and compliance platform that offers a single toolkit for third-party lifecycle management. It enables companies to personalize their workflow, making it easier to manage and mitigate risks. Certa creates automated systems that speed up onboarding for their clients, which is why they needed a small and nimble team of creatives to deliver a new and fresh site design for their upcoming launch of Studio 2.0.

Studio 2.0 is a no-code platform that allows clients to build highly customized workflows with over 100 native integrations. The platform's launch required Certa to have a website that was both modern and visually appealing, and also capable of communicating the platform's features and benefits clearly.

To achieve these goals, our team worked on a new design that revitalized Certa's brand system. We used bold and interesting color and typography, which helped them stand out from competitors. In addition to that, we designed new graphics that more effectively communicate information, which attributes to the overall unique visual system.

Our team also took the opportunity to improve the content architecture and copywriting throughout the site. We ensured that information about Certa's features is clearly communicated to customers, making it easier for them to understand the platform and its benefits.

Brand Foundations

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Brand Foundations

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The launch of the new website design along with their new product was a huge success. It was received extraordinary well both internally at Certa and the webflow develoment studio we partnered with.


Copywriter: Phung Do

Designers: Robert Suta, Daniel Kim