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Product Design
Digital and Brand Transformation


Con Edison, New York’s energy provider partnered with Wunderman Thompson to transform their digital services and customer experience. They went from a bill collector to a customer engagement company with a site redesign, mobile app, a brand facelift, and new and improved features. I worked closely with creative leads to help design the website, expand the brand, and make continuous improvements.

The site was a 2018 Webby Award Honoree for best user interface.

Brand Foundations

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Brand Foundations

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The impact of modernizing their customer experience led to millions switching from traditional contact points like call centers to digital self-service channels that were easier to use.

  • Over 60% of all transactions are now completed digitally, up from 20% before it launched.
  • 56% Increase in monthly mobile sessions
  • 63% Increase in digital payments on the new My Account
  • 4.7 App store rating (up from 1.5 stars)
  • 71% Decrease in bounce rate
  • +31 point increase to NPS score


Creative Director: Cavan Huang

Assoc. Creative Director: Alan Finch

Designers: Robert Suta, Rex Guo