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A skincare / beauty brand using innovative, clean ingredients that’s good for the world and your wallet


The skincare industry is highly competitive, and innovation is constantly shaping the market. In collaboration with Amyris, a leading sustainable skincare and cosmetics company, we designed a website for their emerging brand, EcoFabulous. With a focus on using clean, innovative ingredients targeted toward a younger demographic, our team worked closely with the Amyris team to create a site that would reflect the brand's values and appeal to their audience.

Our design approach was to create a fun and diverse website that would stand out from the competition. We utilized bright colors combined with a pixelated background gradient to create a dynamic energy throughout the site. This design choice not only made the website visually appealing but also helped to differentiate EcoFabulous from competitors in the skincare industry.

The use of bright colors throughout the site created a youthful and playful vibe, which was perfect for the brand's target audience. We also made sure to incorporate interactive elements and unique animations, further enhancing the user experience.

Brand Foundations

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Brand Foundations

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Our team established a fun and dynamic design system that reflects the young and energetic vibe of the brand. Compared to other brands in the same space, it feels unique and fabulous.


Creative Directors: Sheila Srinivasan, Katie Riccardella

Designers: Robert Suta, Christine Chung