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Web Design
Web redesign for an innovative health and wellness provider for LGBTQIA+ folks


As a designer working on the FOLX Health website redesign, I collaborated closely with our creative director to develop a modern and unique design concept that would elevate their existing brand. Our team expanded their color palette with additional shades, which added dimension and depth to the site's aesthetic. We also created a unique iconography system that contributed to the fresh and approachable look and feel of the site.

To ensure an engaging user experience, we added unique animations and interactions throughout the site, creating moments of joy for users. We also tackled various UX challenges to ensure that customers could easily access the information they needed, including medication tracking. Overall, our team successfully created a website that not only met the client's needs but also exceeded their expectations.

Brand Foundations

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Brand Foundations

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Web Design

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Our team's hard work in streamlining the process of receiving care and support has paid off. We are proud to say that FOLX has been named one of the "TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2022."


Creative Director: Gerald Hastings

Art Director: Layla Gulergun

Senior Designer: Robert Suta

Designer: Ever Morera