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Product Design
Sport stories meets sports betting


The Gaming Society is a gamification company founded by Kevin Garnett and Jaymee Messler. They provide content related to sports, entertainment, and culture. Their goal is to make sports wagering more accessible to a growing audience, as it can often feel intimidating to newcomers. Additionally, they see an opportunity to focus on women's sports since approximately 50% of total sports viewers are female, yet only 20% actively bet on games.

Brand Foundations

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Brand Foundations

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Our team helped Gaming Society achieve its vision of becoming a major player in sports coverage and sports betting by creating an exciting design language and establishing the necessary infrastructure for sports betting.Gaming Society has recently added some big names to its advisory board of directors, including Derek Jeter, Sheryl Swoopes, and Chelsea Gray, reflecting the company's continued success in the industry.


Creative Director: Jonathan Sanchez

Designers: Robert Suta, Tiffany Hsiao